Mary Pilon

is New York-based sports reporter at The New York Times and is writing a book about the history of Monopoly.



A Gumshoe Investor on Tech »

From my profile on B1 of T. Rowe Price portfolio manager Henry Ellenbogen: 

In 1992, when he was just 19, Mr. Ellenbogen took a leave of absence from Harvard College to be chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Peter Deutsch (D.-Fla.) and managed 17 people…

That’s right, people. You’ve done nothing with your lives.

A Madoff Son Looks Forward »

Andrew Madoff and his fiancée hosted nearly two dozen close friends for Thanksgiving this year, an event guests jokingly called an “Orphan Thanksgiving.” Many flocked to the Madoff residence on Manhattan’s Upper East Side because they lived some distance from their own relatives, or were at odds with them.

For Andrew Madoff, the designation rang true. He hadn’t spoken with his father, fraudster Bernard Madoff, or his mother Ruth Madoff, in the nearly two years since his father’s December 2008 arrest. Just a couple of weeks after that holiday meal, Andrew lost his brother, Mark Madoff, to suicide.

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Meet the Young Trader/Blogger Who is Preserving the Dying Language of Hand Signals »

On B1 today, I profile Ryan Carlson, a trader who started snapping photos and blogging once he left the old-school trading pits. 

To report this story, I journeyed to Chicago and would be remiss if I didn’t think my family, friends and of course the WSJ Chicago bureau for their hospitality. (And pie!) Gawsh, people there are just, nice

In the past, I’ve written about traders who worked as restaurant hosts, the slowdown on the New York Stock Exchange, a trader who runs a Mister Softee truck and some former Merrill Lynch guys who went into yo-yos

Don’t miss the neat slideshow of Ryan doing his signals! Edutainment!