Mary Pilon

is New York-based sports reporter at The New York Times and is writing a book about the history of Monopoly.


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Monopoly Fans Invited to Rethink Rulebook »

A little board game nugget in Biz Day revealing that Hasbro, the maker of the classic board game, will ask players to debate their favorite €œhouse rules€ for inclusion as options in a future edition.

And, yes, you’ve likely been playing incorrectly all these years. I feel that many minds may be blown leafing through the paper today. All in a day’s work. 

Tomato Can Blues »

Charlie Rowan was a small-time cage fighter in rural Michigan who couldn’t get a break. He owed money to impatient people. He needed to start over, but didn’t know how. Then, he came up with a plan.

Graphic novel? First-ever NYT audio book? Reported article? I’m not sure what to make of it myself, but I’m hugely grateful to those who made Tomato Can Blues, the latest deep dive from The New York Times sports department, happen. 

And hopefully this will answer questions from my very kind and patient friends and family who wondered why I kept running off to Michigan and watching cage fights. 

Illustrations by Atilla Futaki, audiobook read by Bobby Cannavale. 

New Nets Announcer Shows Flair and Hair »

If the microphone is your office, you can talk cigars with the best of them, and you’ve got dreads that hang past your waistline, then you must be David Diamante, the new announcer for the Nets. We caught up with him this week at his Brooklyn cigar lounge.

I’m Heading to The New York Times!

Big news! In November, I will head to The New York Times to be a sports reporter! 

For over three years, I’ve worked with an incredible team of journalists at The Wall Street Journal. Through many a crisis, my colleagues here have proven to be completely unflappable, professional and passionate about great reporting. It’s a dynamite newsroom full of incredible people. 

I’m incredibly excited about the new role at the NYT and look forward to hearing everyone’s rants and raves about the wide world of sports. I’m still reachable through WSJ channels, but feel free to contact me at marypilon (at) gmail (dot) com.