Mary Pilon

is New York-based sports reporter at The New York Times and is writing a book about the history of Monopoly.


Modified Training for Children Stirs New Debates »

At 9 years old, J. C. Roddick, the nephew of Andy Roddick, was forging a path of his own in tennis. After years of showing promise in lessons at home in San Antonio, where he used a traditional racket, court and balls, he entered a local United States Tennis Association tournament in January 2012.

“They put him in this orange ball tournament and I thought, ‘What is that?’ ” said J. C.’s father, Lawrence Roddick.

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At Play in the Cardboard Jungle »

On a recent weeknight in Greenwich Village, amid the circus of New York University dive bars, comedy-show hecklers and the drummers of Washington Square Park, there was a different sort of chaos.

It was at the tables of the Uncommons, a board-game coffee shop just south of the park that claims to be Manhattan’s first. 

The Best American Sports Writing 2014

When I arrived at the NYT’s newsroom in the fall of 2011, I was new to sports journalism and I was completely terrified. One of my first acts was binging on the Best American Sportswriting series. If you haven’t read them, they’re a great assemblage of writing through the years, for sports nuts and novices alike. I leafed through the pages with a sense of joy, inspiration, and, yes, intimidation. 

So I was completely honored and humbled to learn that Tomato Can Blues was selected to be included in the 2014 collection. You can read the full list of submissions here. Congrats to all! 

Race-Fixing Let Musician Reach Sochi, Ski Group Says »

The pop violinist Vanessa-Mae was perhaps the most unlikely athlete at the Sochi Olympics. A former child star in Britain, she competed in the giant slalom ski race for Thailand, her father’s home country.

On Friday, ski officials in Slovenia announced that Vanessa-Mae, 35, never should have been allowed to compete in the Olympics because the results of her qualifying races were rigged. Read more

In honor of my upcoming high school reunion, I recently unearthed @kringle shot of 17-yr-old me MEETING DAVID BOWIE!! #tbt #almostfamous #ziggystardust #omg #TheMomentIBecameAWoman

In honor of my upcoming high school reunion, I recently unearthed @kringle shot of 17-yr-old me MEETING DAVID BOWIE!! #tbt #almostfamous #ziggystardust #omg #TheMomentIBecameAWoman